Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coming home


This morning we took a taxi to the airport. We all agreed that it was the best way to get there. We got something to eat and found out why eating in an airport can break your budget. Since you're captive once you check in, they can charge anything they like for a bagel and cream cheese. I think they even charged for each tomator and leaf of lettuce. My advice, don't find yourself hungry in an airport.

Our flight across the Atlantic was great with TAP (Portugal), long but bearable. However when we changed planes at Newark, NJ, the Air Alaska plane was cramped and soooo commercial. They had the stewardesses selling everything that we had just had included on the previous plane. Welcome to America, land of profit. I never understood the concept of "first class" before, but after pressing my knees against the seat in front of me for 7 hrs., having the guy behind me pull my hair, not being fed and no movies, I was drained by the time we arrived at Sea-Tac. However, there was one beautiful view of the Great Lakes down below me for about 45 mins. It was my first time to see them.

A big thank you to Cesily and Nic who picked us up and brought us home. The airline lost our back packs, so we had to leave without our luggage. We were so jet lagged and overwhelmed by the time we got home, I don't remember the time between getting off the plane and about two days later, emerging from my stooper with a blinding headache and blasting ringing in my ears.

And so it ends and begins. Our pilgrimage continues. We have already had some events happen here at home that would have blown us away before we went on the Camino. I just don't feel upset. I know that good things are in the works and it's just a matter of intending that things work out and they will.

My friend Michele said that we would come back in a "Zen space" and so we have. Now the real challenge is to let go of concern and know that the camouflage is just that; camouflage, not reality. The reality is that we are OK and we will make it and even if the way is steep or the going is rough, step by step we can do it. I love you, dear family and friends. I do.

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